Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 4: My Sister and I

dear my Sist,
First, I thank God for His grace who gave me a sweet and kind sister like you. Yes, I just have one. Only you. I know that we have a difference of age, 11 years older than me, then you are always guided and taught me to do better.
There are so many memories we've had together. Hard, happy, sad or disappointed. 
Do you remember, when I was a kid in a morning that you will go to school and I even took your money and tore into small pieces. Hahaha ... I think I do not know if it is money that could have to buy something. I was a bit naughty, yet mushy. 
I also often ask "jatah-preman" for snacks from your savings. Hahaha ... but you never angry.
In 1995, you have to leave Magelang and continued your studies to Jakarta. There is a sense of loss for me. Although I myself know, that we'll definitely meet again. I delivered you to the bus station, and my eyes filled with tears. 
Since it is I rarely see each other again. At least once or twice a year. Heard you coming home to Magelang was already thrilled my heart. Much less then I also went to Jakarta for vacation. That was not the first time I came to Jakarta. But I think I'm so glad. 
I still remember, when I was whining to go to night market. I know, you mad because of rainy days and muddy roads to get there definitely. But we're keep going. 
There is a kind of guilt from me, although I know you gave me a hug after you apologized for being angry. 
2005, after 10 years. I, too, moved to Jakarta. I then hired in a cakeshop, as a chef in accordance with my background Pastry graduate dept. 
Between sad and happy to be close to my sister, besides leaving the father and mom in Magelang. However, do not make me discouraged because later I can meet with them when the long holiday, Christmas or Eid.

In this city, I realized that you always teach, give advice and input to me. Yes, I was wasteful. So do not be surprised if you often scolded me to start saving. 

Now, you're pregnant. That means I will soon have two nephews. Dito and his baby sister. Hope you always healthy and facilitated by the Lord. 
I can only pray the best for your family. May your fam always a healthy, harmonious and blessed. 

I am proud to have a sister like you. Thanks for all the advice ... Do not fierce to Dito. He's smart and funny, yet a bit naughty sometimes.

I love you, Doedoe:)

Edutria, 2011.

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