Tuesday, July 13, 2010

She Is My Friend and I Love Her (A Friendship Story)

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last night, I again opened my magazine collection and found this short story. I've read it several times and always makes me shed tears afterwards. The original is in Bahasa Indonesia.

A quiet morning in Korea, in a small village, there was a tiny wooden building whose roof is covered by a zinc. It is an orphanage where many children live due to their parents died in the war.
Suddenly, the morning silence was broken by the sound of mortars that fell on top of that orphanage. The roof was destroyed by the explosion, and pieces of zinc was thrown across the room that makes a lot of wounded orphans. There was a little girl wounded in the leg by a piece of zinc, and her legs almost severed. She was lying on the rubbles when found, the rescue team immediately carried out and someone was sent immediately to the nearest hospital for help.

When the doctors and nurses arrived, they began to examine the injured children. When the doctor saw the little girl, He realizes that help is most needed by the girl as soon as possible is the blood.
He soon saw an orphan archives to see if there are people who have the same blood type. Nurses who can speak Korean language began calling the names of children who have the same blood type with the little girl.

Then a few minutes later, after collected the children who have the same blood type, the doctor spoke to the group and nurses translate, "Are any of you who are willing to give blood for this little girl?"
The children looked frightened, but no one spoke. Once again, the doctor begged, "Please, if any of you who are willing to give blood to your friend, because if not, she'll die!"

Finally, there was a boy in the back raised his hand and the nurse laid him on the bed to prepare for blood transfusion process.
When the nurse lifted the boy's arm to clean it up, the boy was getting restless. "Relax," the nurse said,

"It will not hurt." Then the doctor began to insert the needle, he began to cry. "Does it hurt?" asked the doctor. But the boy was crying even louder.

"I've hurt this boy!" the doctor said to hisself and try to alleviate the pain the boy with calm, but there's no point.

After several time, the transfusion process has been completed and the doctor asked the nurse to ask the boy. "Does it hurt?"

The boy replied, "No, not hurt."

"Then why are you crying?", Asked the doctor.

"Because I'm so afraid to die" replied the boy. The doctor was amazed! "Why do you think you might die?"

With tears on his cheeks, the boy replied, "Because I think to save that girl I had to give up all my blood!"

The doctor could not say anything, then he asked, "But if you think that you're going to die, why are you willing to give blood?"

Crying, he said, "Because she is my friend, and I love her!"

We met by a chance and turned into friends and now our destiny keeps us close to each others making our friendship grow more with the passing time. You are a friend for a lifetime.

Edutria, 2010 thanks God for our friendship. I'm so grateful...
P.S: sorry ya... masih acak-acakan inggrisnya. hihihi... :blush:

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