Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who Are You?

There is so much more, out the shadows...
either you hide yourself in the shade of tree against the sun's rays of God
and mourn about the evil shadow that prevents the light
or you go out..
and enjoy the warmth of God
You must have stood only onces in the light of God
to recognise the shadow in His totally as a freshness donator,
besides, you will recognise
how unbelievable God's world is.
You do not need subjugate God,
but if you invite Him into your life
maybe you'll more easily recognise
that a part of His incredible creation....

....You are....

gambar dipinjam dari sini

when I was trapped into my absurd feelings.
Jakarta 04.44pm


  1. entah kenapa, saya lebih suka desain blog yang ini daripada sebelumnya. Lebih sederhana tapi tetap bercerita.

  2. hai... iya, saya sependapat dgn kmu. makasih banyak ya atas sarannya :)

  3. edu, maksudnya kamu nggak bisa comment di posting saya? mungkin sedang drop, Du. Sejauh ini baik2 aja kok :)

  4. oh gitu ya... mungkin jg sih :) happy weekend...

  5. edu edu edu... maaaff... ternyata gak cuma kamu. temenku juga trouble kirim commentnya. Kayaknya gr2 template desain blognya deh. Tapi udah diganti kok.. happy reading :)