Tuesday, June 1, 2010

For Remember in Life

Dear, my beloved childrens...

When the world is handed problem you can not handle alone, do not trying to solve the problem. However, place it in your prayers (To be completed by God). I'll solve your problem as SCHEDULE which I set myself. All the problems I MUST be completed, but according to schedule, not your schedule.
After all you put your problems in your prayers, do not you think and worry. Instead, focus on all the good things that are happen to you now.

If you stuck the street, do not be angry, because there are still many people in this world who never got the car in his life.
When you are faced with problems at work, think that still many people who are unemployed for years without a job.
If you're sad because family relationships, think about the people who have never feel the love and be loved.
If you feel bored by the end of the week, think of the people who have overtime day and night without a day off to raise a family & children.
If your car broke down & requires that you walk, do not be angry, think of disabled people who were eager to feel the walk on own feet as you are now.
If you see in the mirror graying hair, do not be sad, because Hair has just a dream for people in chemotherapy treatments.
When you contemplate the meaning of life in this world & contemplate what this life goal?
Be thankful, because many people who do not have a chance to live a fairly time to reflect on their lives.
If you feel uncomfortable because of the anger affected and the disappointment of others, remember, the situation could become far worse; the you who feel the anger & frustration!
If you decide to forward this letter to anyone else, thank you.You have touched their lives in many ways that have never you imagine!


God has seen the efforts you
God says: it has passed


  1. Hi, I was blogwalking. Love your blog, the topic, and surely your writing style. Salam kenal yaa

  2. Hi, thanks for reading my blog. Salam kenal juga dari saya :)